The Library – February 2008

Stephanie and Jonah have been our local library a number of times — occasionally for ‘Story Time’ and occasionally for no reason at all other than to pick out a book or a DVD.  This time, the whole family went.  It was my first exposure to Story Time.  Story Time isn’t the same for infants/toddlers as it is for older children.  Story Time for infants/toddlers involves singing, toys, bubbles, and stuffed animals — the ‘story’ part isn’t until the end.  Even then, the parents (primarily mothers) read books to their children individually as opposed to the ‘group reading’ that I had in mind.  It works out for the better I’m sure since Micah barely had patience for singing songs, much less reading books!

 After Story Time, we went into the main library and sat down in the children’s area.  Jonah and Micah were very good and quiet relative to how they normally are, but I expect the librarians at the desk nearby would have preferred more quiet…

Jonah and his ‘magnadoodle’.  He has a small one at home, but not a big one like the one in the photo.  He thought it was great.

Micah enjoyed himself of course.  Micah is generally pleasant in most environments — whether he has a toy or not.  He sat on Stephanie’s knee for about 15 minutes and played with the puzzle in the photo. 

Our ever-restless older son found a ladybug while we were at the library.  He quickly focused all of his attention on it and insisted that Stephanie take the ladybug outside so it would be safe and happy. 

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