Cinderella’s Royal Table

On our last day to visit Magic Kingdom, we had a Royal Breakfast in Cinderella’s Castle. I figured this might be my last chance to do something “girly” with the boys. Wow! This was GREAT! Upon entering the castle, we had photos taken with Cinderella (to be posted later). We were able to wait in the “great hall.” The boys loved the suit of armor.

Once seated, the boys received their knightly swords and wishing stars! Very cool. We had to take the swords away quickly — otherwise, we would have had a royal battle with more scars.

The first Princess to visit was Snow White. So perfect as it is the current favorite in the Disney movie rotation at our house. Snow spent some quality time asking Micah about his boo-boo. She was very sweet.

Next we had a visit from Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) — probably the boys’ 2nd favorite movie. If you recall, Jonah had a Prince Phillip themed 4th birthday. She gave Jonah a big smooch on his forehead!

Next, we saw Jasmine. The boys are not the biggest fans of Aladdin right now. They are scared of Jafar. Jonah’s comment after she left our table. . .”hey Mom, why is she a little nakey?”

Our final Princess was Belle. She was in her “country” attire. I was hoping for the big yellow dress. She was just as sweet as the other ladies. I am not sure the boys recognized her as well as the others.

If you are planning a Character meal for your next trip, I recommend this one highly! In fact, I hope to do it again on our next visit. The food was delicious too. I had a sweet, stuffed French toast with fresh berries. Grandma had the vegetable omlette. The boys had French toast sticks. The meal is “all inclusive” — meaning no tip, nothing additional. Our waiter was a super nice man too. Very cool!

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