WLC Christmas Concert 2008

Micah is on the far side at the front the buggy. ┬áThis was his first WLC concert, so I’m not sure he was expecting all the people!

The closest I could get to Micah given all the parents (like me) with cameras and video equipment! ­čÖé

Jonah kept his hands in his pockets most of the time… not sure what’s up with that.

A moment in time when Jonah’s hands WEREN’T in his pockets!

The grand exit.  Thanks for the photo Brenda!

Grandma with the boys.

Grandma Jean with the boys.

Each class made stars for the silent auction after the event. ┬áThe one fromo Micah’s class went for $350!

The star from Jonah’s class.

A star from the “Hoppers” class that we won because it wasn’t being bid on… and we liked it!

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