Christmas 2008

This is Jonah’s 4th Christmas and he has the routine down, whereas this is only Micah’s 2nd Christmas and he’s still figuring things out.  All in all though, both boys had a great time and very much enjoyed their presents.


Micah on his big wheel.

Jonah with his drum set!

Micah unwrapping a present…

Zina and Brianna enjoying the show.

Bos was on wire-cutter duty this Christmas… it’s a full-time job with as many wires as there are in a single gift.  One toy might have as many as a half dozen wires.  Tip: Wire-cutters (thanks Lee Richards!)

Jonah back on his drums (a recurring theme most of the day)…

Jonah opening another present.

Jonah BACK on his drums (notice a theme yet?)

Micah enjoying his big-wheel AND his bottle of pretend cleaning fluid (or ‘poison’ as Jonah correctly calls it).

Jonah BACK on his drums (I kid you not!)

Micah stayed on his big wheel a long while… even to the point of hunger.

Micah and Grandma playing with his new Jack-in-the-box.  

That’s Micah taking Granmda’s temperature with Jonah’s new doctor’s kit.  Jonah informed us recently that he would like to be a doctor and a fireman when he grows up.  

The end of a long morning (because of his sinus infection Jonah didn’t go to sleep until 2:30am… and Micah woke up around 4:30am!)

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