Family Christmas Party 2008

Jonah and Micah made this for Grandma Jean.

My brother-in-laws helping Jonah and Micah assemble their new gift from the family.

Micah enjoying his slide… a little too much…

Micah getting ready for another trip down the slide! 🙂

Quite possibly Jonah’s favorite gift of the evening… his magnadoodle!

Micah takes every opportunity to ‘liberate’ the magnadoodle from Jonah…

That’s me watching the hilarity of my boys unwrapping presents!

My family – and my mom.

Just my family!

Jonah and me… causing trouble. 🙂

The Bosworths!

The Felts!

Holding down the couch! 🙂

Anna and her grandchildren!

Anna and her children!

Anna and Aunt Patsy!

I’m not sure what Aunt Patsy said, but I sure do like Anna’s response.

My mom and Jack!

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