Christmas 2007

Oh boy… Christmas 2007 was a hoot!  Jonah went to bed asking if Santa was going to come and woke up asking if Santa had visited!  Before we get there though, let’s start at the beginning:

Getting ready for church – Jonah wore his suit to church on Christmas Eve.  He was quite the handsome young man! He loves wearing ties like Daddy, esp. to church.

The calm before the storm – Before the boys came down in the morning.

As for Christmas morning, it started a little rocky. Micah decided to wake up at 5:30 am and would NOT go back to sleep. We ended up bringing him to our bedroom around 6:15 am to let him watch Baby Einstein and play. By 7:00 am, Micah was ready to eat. Jonah made his grand entrance around 7:20 am. It was just too funny and too cute! That boy is a mess.

Christmas morning videos A collection of videos throughout the morning. 

Jonah’s tricycle – I’m not sure who liked the tricycle more: Jonah or Micah!

Tearing through the wrap – Our two boys wasted no time although Micah was a little hesitant at first. Micah ate more than he unwrapped — very stressful for Mommy.

Micah and Uncle Bos – Oh boy.  Micah loves Uncle Bos.  That’s not to say that Jonah doesn’t (Just ask Jonah where he learned the phrase, “Hammer Down!“), but Micah was having a field day with Uncle Bos’s cap this morning. 

Brianna helping – Brianna helped out Jonah and Micah.  In addition to maintaining order, she helped the boys with their wrapping (some of the taping was harder to pull apart than you might expect!)

Sam, Zina, and ‘Gagaw’ – You can’t have Christmas without family and while not everyone could be with us, Sam, Zina, Brianna, and ‘Gagaw’ stopped by for a little while!

The aftermath – Jonah was exhausted from presents, family, and a wonderful breakfast that Stephanie made (French toast casserole along with sausage and bacon!).  The first photo is in the middle of changing Jonah out of his pajamas for the day.  He was so eager to relax in his new recliner, that he jumped right in.  Once we changed him out of his pajamas, he kicked back in his recliner for the next hour and watched Caillou’s Holiday Special on PBS Sprout.

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