My 100 Things

1.                  Love the color PINK – even when it was not cool to do so

2.                  Have an AMAZING husband

3.                  Jonah & Micah = the cutest little boys EVER

4.                  Am blessed to have my super Mom so close (both in spirit and proximity)

5.                  Love to sing – anything

6.                  Plan to enter Perkins School of Theology within the next 3 years

7.                  Think the 80s are awesome (for movies and music)

8.                  Never want to relive high school

9.                  Am the youngest of 6 by 9 years

10.              Have the same birthday as my sister, Zina – she received ME for her 9th birthday

11.              Love Disney – everything about it

12.              Speak French

13.              Have a Honda Odyssey. . .yes, the mommy-mobile

14.              Love the sound of my boys laughing and playing

15.              Hate the sound of my boys crying

16.              Know the Lord has plans for my future. . .a future with HOPE

17.              Am grateful for my church family

18.              Think my family is crazy, and I love them for that

19.              Enjoy rainy afternoons

20.              Wish Houston was not so darn hot

21.              Am fairly crafty

22.              Am currently obsessed with Facebook and MySpace

23.              Would like to be closer to some of my family members

24.              Miss my Aunt Kakar and Grandma Epps on a daily basis

25.              Am sad my boys will not know their Paw-paw

26.              Used to read all the time

27.              Miss reading

28.              Am addicted to TV – have been my entire life

29.              LOVE that someone invented DVR

30.              Think contemporary Christian music is great

31.              Want to learn German and Portuguese

32.              Am too judgmental of others

33.              Know spandex is a privilege, not a right (thanks Paul V)

34.              Miss the Tate family terribly

35.              Want to teach my boys French

36.              Wonder why people are so mean

37.              Love to listen to Jonah have conversations with everyone

38.              Shipley’s Donuts

39.              Chips, salsa, guacamole and a tasty margarita

40.              Wish I could travel more

41.              Am so happy I did a study-abroad program to France

42.              Love France

43.              Think Chicago is a totally cool city

44.              Am so thankful for Steph & Jenn and the years of memories we have

45.              Know Brenda P. and I will have a ROCKIN’ VBS in June of 2009

46.              Want to learn to play piano

47.              Want to take voice lessons

48.              Love to speak in front of large groups – just give me a topic

49.              Am searching for the perfect kitchen

50.              Enjoy cooking

51.              Wish I had more time to cook

52.              Want to be healthier

53.              Do not know how to ride a bike

54.              Think the Big Wheel ROCKS

55.              Love true-crime stories (Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson)

56.              Am a Ranger Babe

57.              Am so thankful for the University of Houston Honors College

58.              Think Dr. Ted Estess is the coolest man in academia

59.              Sometimes miss life before kids

60.              Would not trade a SINGLE moment of my life with my boys

61.              Over think a lot of things

62.              Love fresh flowers

63.              Am so thankful for the gift that was my Walk to Emmaus

64.              Used to be a florist

65.              Have given 100s and 100s of tours of the University of Houston campus

66.              Cannot wait to see my boys experience Disney World

67.              Would like to take my Mom to France

68.              Hope I can be accepting to the partners my boys choose as they get older

69.              Think about having another baby daily

70.              Know it is very hard to make new friends – esp. as an adult

71.              Pray daily

72.              Have super, super straight hair

73.              Used to have blonde hair before having kids

74.              Love pedicures

75.              Miss teaching high school French

76.              Keep in touch with a fair number of my former students

77.              Think women like Marie Beezley, Adda Beisl, and Jane Poindexter are inspirations

78.              Love costume jewelry

79.              Have an addiction to purses, especially small evening bags

80.              Wear sandals year-round

81.              Hardly ever wear shoes inside my house

82.              Eat out way too much

83.              Have been married for 13 years

84.              Knew my husband was “the one” about an hour into our first date

85.              Enjoy Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

86.              Would name Mary Poppins and Out of Africa as my all-time favorite movies

87.              Miss really good movies (they are few and far between these days)

88.              Am a pop-culture junkie

89.              Can spend an hour looking for just the right greeting card

90.              Hate getting messy (a real problem with two little boys)

91.              Miss bathroom privacy

92.              Enjoy a good argument

93.              Love a plan of action

94.              Wonder if I have enough “positive” things on this list

95.              Am a grammar FREAK – seriously, my biggest pet peeve. . .people who do not proofread (even an email)

96.              Wish some of my friends lived closer

97.              Love seeing my boys run around in their “jammie” shirts before bed time

98.              Thank God every day for my husband, my sons, and our families

99.              Hope I never stop learning

100.          Cannot wait until the next funny thing my boys do

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