This was our first family adventure to Epcot! Donald loves Epcot — would spend every day there if given a choice. We tried something new for transportation. We rode the monorail from Magic Kingdom to Epcot. The boys LOVED it! It’s a fun ride.

As we were making our way into the Epcot area on the monorail, Jonah asked, “Hey Momma, what’s in that big golf ball?”

Epcot has made some big changes since our last visit. Luckily, it still hosts the Cold Spot from Coca-Cola. They boys tried a few of the sodas. They were fond of the watermelon soda from somewhere in Asia. It was way too sweet for me. My favorite is the apple soda from Mexico. I love it!

The boys had fun conducting with Figment!

I have to concur with the other Moms & Dads. The Character Connection at Epcot is GREAT! It’s a stream-lined way to hit all of the major characters and with less wait time than in Toon Town of Magic Kingdom. Jonah watched the old Mickey Mouse cartoons while Micah napped as we waited in line.

The boys really liked Pluto!

One of my favorite new additions to Epcot was in The Seas. The Nemo & Friends ride was just okay, but Turtle Talk with Crush was SUPER fun!! I recommend it highly!

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