Christmas morning videos

Four videos… all large, so be patient with the loading…

Coming downstairs: The first video is of Jonah seeing his presents for the first time!

(5.68MB wmv file, 92 seconds)

The kitchen: The second video is of Jonah playing with his new kitchen! He immediately found the coffee pot and took a cup to Grandma!

(5.38MB wmv file, 87 seconds)

Micah’s new car: The third video is of Micah figuring out his new car (with a little help from his cousin Brianna)!

(2.17MB wmv file, 35 seconds)

Jonah vacuuming: The fourth video is mainly of Jonah vacuuming, but you can briefly see Micah with his new car! Two things to notice in this video — the noise level (it’s the new constant in our home) and Jonah humming as he vacuums near his kitchen (his version of “whistle while you work”).

(2.81MB wmv file, 46 seconds)

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