Micah’s Thanksgiving Songs

For your listening enjoyment!!

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Micah’s war wounds

After swim lessons yesterday, we let the boys splash around for a little while longer. Micah had a run-in with the side of the pool. Here’s the result. Yes, that’s an imprint of the tread surrounding the pool on his chin!

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Have you ever forgotten what it’s like to be a grown-up?!?! I mean, a regular adult — not a Mom or Dad.

I think that’s been part of my problem here recently. I’ve lost my identity a little bit. Good thing is I was reminded and am working towards reclaiming it!

I have to relate it to Ferris Bueller. . .

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Jonah & Micah Singing

It’s the Glee version! Cracks me up every time!!

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Jonah’s Art

This is Jonah’s feather for his class turkey. He was assigned the task of decorating it in whatever way he wanted. I told him I had some feathers upstairs and he was impressed. I asked if he wanted to color at all before we started gluing feathers. His response, “hold on Mom, I think I need to add some illustrations to make it just right.” Seriously.

You’ll notice there are two pumpkins (one plain and one angry), some grass, and a millipede. Pretty much all of the standards for a turkey feather!

I love his illustration — it’s perfect!

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Micah swimming!

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Jonah’s Crazy Hair

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