Sea World 2007

We are back from Sea World and we are tired.  Exhausted might be a better word.  But we had a blast and we hope to return… soon! Well, maybe not too soon.  🙂  Expect more commentary from Stephanie soon.  Until then, the following links have photos, videos, and a bit of commentary.  Enjoy!

Heading out – It’s all about the ‘strategery‘ you know… We had manage our travel schedule around the boys feeding and nap times.  Well, we didn’t have to – but can you imagine what two hungry, sleepy, and grumpy boys might sound like on a 3-4 hour drive?  We left right after lunch and made it to San Antonio right before supper, so the timing couldn’t have been any better!

The hotel – Jonah and Micah’s first stay in a hotel was eventful.  Jonah loved it.  Micah was indifferent.  We used Hilton pointsand reserved two rooms – one for us and Micah and then one room for Gagaw and Jonah.  My only complaint was that we asked for connecting rooms and received adjacent rooms (with no interior connection).  The rooms and breakfast were free, so what more can you ask for? 

Pumpkins and horses – We didn’t really do much with the pumpkins since the performance involving the ‘pumpkin stage’ wasn’t until later in the evening, but Jonah liked them, so we took a few photos… 

Feeding the dolphins – I was looking forward to this – Jonah loved seeing the dolphins up close and also feeding them. Even better, we managed a 2-for-1 special on fish, so Jonah had that much more fun feeding the dolphins!

Shamu & friends – I don’t know what Jonah enjoyed more – watching Shamu or getting a flamingo hug!

Shamu’s Happy Harbor – His most favorite part of the day by far – a children’s water park!  As you’ll see, he was soaked from head to toe by the time the 7 minutes were up.  Yep, 7 minutes.  For Jonah, it all boiled down to that 7 minutes I think!  🙂

Exhausted – Just watch the video.  It’s funny.

Ready to go again – Even though they may temporarily be worn down, the boys seem to have an endless reserve of energy.  The good news is that they both slept soundly that night (which meant Mom, Dad, and Gagaw had a chance to sleep soundly as well)!

The Survey – Based on the trip, I’d have to say the results of our short survey were exactly right – Jonah thought it was awesome!

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