Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is one of my FAVORITE things to do! I love looking in all of the shops and people watching.

We visited DD a couple of times on this visit. One night, Donald took the boys back to the hotel around 8:30. Mom & I shopped and looked until 11:00 pm when the place closed! It was great!

We decided to go to the Disney McDonald’s on one of the nights — only to learn they are no longer on the Disney Dining Plan. Ugh! C’est la vie. The boys were having fun until Jonah decided to steal Micah’s nugget. It was downhill from there!

The newest restaurant in DD is T-Rex. It is owned by the Landry’s Group and is similar to Rainforest Cafe. The boys LOVED all of the dinosaur stuff. We were seated in the “Ice Cave” — very cool, because it changed colors during the meteor showers.

Again, we found out AFTER our arrival, T-Rex is not part of the Disney Dining Plan. I had been told it was. After returning to the hotel, I talked with the front desk manager and explained this was a little frustrating and should be more clearly stated on the website. She apologized and gave us a credit to our room bill. Love that Disney customer service!

In Goofy’s Candy Shop, the boys found a silly mirror and had fun making faces at each other!

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