Morning entertainment

Mornings are NOT my thing. . .let me repeat, mornings are NOT — in any way shape or form — my thing! So, the adjustment to Kindergarten has been rough on more than just Jonah. Many of you know, Jonah is my MiniMe. It scares me some days how much he is like me. So, mornings are NOT Jonah’s thing either! I have trouble faulting him here, b/c I am in total agreement.

Anyway, some days are better than others. . .or at least more entertaining. Today is one of those days. I go upstairs to wake the boys up. Even after turning on the lights and opening the shades, Jonah shows no signs of movement. After 3 minutes or so, I give him the countdown to get out of bed. Just as I reach the end, he is up. We head downstairs to get dressed and find something for breakfast.

We’ve had a little touch of fall hit Humble — it’s wonderful. I thought it would be nice for Jonah to wear pants and a polo today. Typically, when he wears a polo I comment on his looks — tell him he’s handsome. Here’s a brief synopsis of the conversation:

Jonah: Mom, why do I have to wear that shirt? I don’t want to be handsome.
Me: Jonah, just put your clothes on and go into Mommy’s bathroom to brush your hair.
Jonah: {after dressing} Why do I have to brush my hair? I don’t want to be handsome!!!
Me: {rolls eyes and brushes hair} You don’t have to be handsome, I just want your hair to be not so crazy.
Jonah: {looks in the mirror} Oh great! Now, I’m handsome. {long sigh}

Can’t make this stuff up!

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