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Double dipping

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More from Jonah

I threw some Pilsbury “ready-to-bake” sugar cookies in the oven this morning. No reason, just because. Once ready and cooled just a little, I gave each of the boys 2 cookies as a snack. Jonah had some excellent comments. Jonah: … Continue reading

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A few good ones recently: Jonah: “Hey Dad? Are you going to the gym this afternoon?” Donald: “Maybe Jonah. Why?” Jonah: “Well, you haven’t been recently and I just wanted to remind you.” ——————— Donald: “Jonah, were you good tonight … Continue reading

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Latest speed test

Comcast had to visit recently to fix a minor problem — too much signal was coming into our house. ¬†When we moved into the neighborhood, the infrastructure was still being developed and so we had to have a ‘amplifier’. The … Continue reading

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