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Thanksgiving turkey

First, apply a buttermilk brine to the turkey for a couple of days… Rinse, add additional seasonings, and butter…above and below the skin. After few hours in the oven (and about an hour on the island to set)… After the … Continue reading

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Porpoise Driven Life

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Educational…and a little shocking

Two nonpartisan groups advocating fiscal reform have developed a tool so that you can balance the budget (or TRY to!)…

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A thought before Thanksgiving

Something to think about while we all prepare for Thanksgiving: Current food stamp usage is at record levels (10%+ of the total U.S. population). Simultaneously, 80% of food banks can not meet demand (based on May ‘09 research).

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Sick day

Micah stayed home sick today with Stephanie. He’s doing better now, but he spent a good part of the day curled up…

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Frozen bread is cold

Stephanie made homemade lasagna for dinner tonight and decided at the last minute to heat up some frozen garlic breadsticks. Before heating them in the oven, I briefly stepped out of the kitchen. Moments later, Jonah came up to me … Continue reading

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Back in the jeep!

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