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Playhouse Disney

At the Weekday Learning Center auction in October, we successfully bid on 4 tickets to the Playhouse Disney event at the Toyota Center downtown. Stephanie, Jonah, and I went to the event with ‘Grandma Jean’ while Micah stayed home with … Continue reading

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Back to Cape Evans

Jennifer found another seal… this one is huge! These are pictures from my second Cape Evans Trip — this time we got to see a seal out of the water and up close. The last photo is just McMurdo residents … Continue reading

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Antarctica CycleCross

The folks in Antarctica are big on costumes…  Here are a few photos from the CycleCross a few weeks (months?) ago now. There were a couple of different heats for men and women and costumes while not mandatory were encouraged. … Continue reading

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Shere Khan

‘Grandma Jean’ gave Jonah a Siberian tiger for Christmas.  He promptly named it Shere Khan (yes, from The Jungle Book). The following photo is of Jonah hanging out with his friend Shere Khan and watching a little Mickey Mouse clubhouse.

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Climbing up

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Christmas 2007

No single photo would do justice to all that happened today, yet the photo below does a good job of summarizing the exhaustion felt by all after a wild and wonderful day.  The events of today (and last night) are chronicled … Continue reading

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