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My Second Visit to the ER

Saturday night found us at the Northwest Medical Center Emergency Room. Why? Not anything to do with baby (thankfully). I have the worst ear infection I’ve ever had in my entire life! To be honest, I don’t remember ever having … Continue reading

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51 Birds

I didn’t get a photo of the birds yesterday, so my friend that I was talking to on the phone when I saw the birds probably thought I was a bit crazy (no way 50 birds could be in my … Continue reading

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Did you know that, when using JavaScript, you can’t have the same name for variables or functions if you have more than one piece of scripting on a page? I learned that today – the hard way. I inserted script … Continue reading

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Florida Fun!

So, good news — I found the photos. . . Back at the end of January, my mom and I took a short trip to Florida. I figured it would be my last opportunity to travel before the baby arrives. … Continue reading

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Uhhh. . .I forgot what I was going to say

Seriously, earlier today, I thought “I should blog about that.” Now that I’m home and have computer access, I couldn’t tell you what it was if you paid me! C’est la vie, non? Well, I was reminded that I did … Continue reading

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My mom — aka social butterfly

Mom had a 50s dance today at the Senior Center. She stopped by the house on her way out so I could snap a few photos! What a hoot!

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28 week OB visit

Okay — technically, I’m 27 weeks 3 days, but who’s counting! Dr. Hulme says everything looks good and is progressing normally. I was supposed to have the glucose tolerance test and my RhoGam shot today, but time constraints (that we … Continue reading

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