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Expensive Vitamins

Thirty bucks for 100 prenatal vitamins! These are “prescription strength”, but I’m not really sure what that means. What I do know is that if Stephanie has them without food and water, they make her sick. These things are supposed … Continue reading

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Food Nazi

I’ve turned into the Food Nazi (a la Seinfeld). After reading a slew of manuals (both in paperback and online), I can’t believe all the things that could negatively impact our child’s development. It’s frightening. Stephanie can no longer have … Continue reading

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Grammy knows!

Okay, I knew I wouldn’t last, and I didn’t! This is one of those things that is both easy and difficult to share with people. Personally, I think the “hi, I’m pregnant” way is a little too direct! I decided … Continue reading

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New Church?

I think we found a church now that we live in Humble

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7,220 feet

I flew into Laramie (Wyoming) today where the altitude is 7,220 feet. That’s a far cry from the 96 feet above sea level where I live in Humble. I knew it would be cold this week (snow is expected tomorrow), … Continue reading

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Countdown spreadsheet

I started planning, documenting, and listing. That’s right – this morning I made an excel chart and started plotting events and milestones. I can’t control what’s going on in terms of the baby’s development, so this is how I compensate. … Continue reading

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Red Hat Craziness

So, my mom is now a member of the Red Hat Society (if you don’t know what that is, give it a google). Friday, she attended a Tea Party sponsored by a neighboring Red Hat group. This is her “fancy” … Continue reading

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