In Austin (Texas) today looking for homes. Here’s a view from The Oasis in Austin. After spending most of the day looking at houses, we ended up having lunch there. While the food is probably over-priced, the view sure is amazing! We’ve looked mostly in the Bee Cave area for homes. Anything north of that is too far from the airport and anything to the south (e.g., Circle C) just isn’t appealing.

At this point, Houston offers larger homes and more land for the same amount of money – plus there are additional benefits like family, culture, larger airport (for business travel), etc.

Visiting Austin has been nice. The last time I spent the night in Austin was probably 13 years ago when Becky lived here and I came up for the UT/A&M game. Those were good times! Ahhh… college days! 😉 There’s probably a bunch of old college or high school friends who live here now and have families. But there are probably just as many of them in Houston… Either way, it’ll be nice coming back to Texas!

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